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We provide an entire high quality printing solution of digital and offset printing, finishing and design/artwork. We have always valued the importance of customer service and quality printing. We have over 12 years experience and are based in Petersham.

Powered by brand new fully automated in-house presses and SCREEN direct-to-plate, we offer faster turnaround with minimal human error and lower overhead cost. This allows us to provide customers with consistently high-quality printing at the affordable prices.

From design and typesetting, to proofing and commercial printing, Fine Quality Masterprint is your commercial printer of choice.

Printing- With both two and five colour Heidelberg presses … We listen, we win.


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Offset Printing

Powered by brand new fully automated in-house presses and SCREEN direct-to-plate, we offer faster turnaround with minimal human error and lower overhead cost. This allows us to provide customers with consistently high-quality printing at the affordable prices.

From design and typesetting, to proofing and commercial printing, Fine Quality Masterprint is your commercial printer of choice.

 Printing- With both two and five colour Heidelberg presses … We listen, we win.

Digital Printing

Served by the fast and latest new machine–FUJI XEROX Versant 80 Press, fast & instant digital printing meets your urgent jobs, finishing with collecting , comb-binding, wiro-binding and shrink warpping. The digital solution centre is right in the town.

With Epson large format printer, we can produce banners and posters, backlit panels and POS displays, window signs and vehicle wraps, wall and floor graphics. It features a high resolution, high speed print engine with easy loading, fast start-up and automatic media handling. It uses Epson’s most advanced ink technology, UltraChrome GS2, which provides for a safer user environment while enabling a superior colour range and enhanced print durability.

Offset Print



Introductions are important in any business meeting. They are reminders that make lasting impressions to a business partner. Masterprint business cards come in a wide range of colors, texts to suit your personality. Aside from that, we have the standard, foldover, slim. “leaf” and magnetic varieties that stand out.


The challenge we undertake in making business cards, is how to make them grab the attention of the receiving person. All aspects of making a business card are carefully considered. From the texture, size, and paper quality, they are thoroughly checked. These business cards may look the same with others. However, we create them to be different, because we want your business card to stand out from the competition.


A business card does not only provide your contact details, it is you personified through a rectangular piece of special paper. It is how your business card appeals to your client, which determines the opportunities of your business. Masterprint goes beyond producing your business cards. Our cards want to give you and your business an edge over others.


It is that important to us that you are successful, because your success will determine the effectiveness of our product and service. It is in special things that people remember someone for, and it is why we always make any order of Masterprint business cards special.

Corporate and business letters is another level of letter writing. The tone and delivery of messages are more objective and calls forth a more appropriate handling as an official document. It is in these letters that companies and businesses are formally addressed and take shape. To be formal, all corporate and business letters must have a letterhead. A letterhead is the whole letter paper with the heading printed with information such as the name, the address, and logo. It is usually a letter from a company or business.


Letterheads demand immediate action; and careful review. Since the contents written in a letterhead are matters that are considered official. Masterprint offers to print for you your high quality and elegantly designed letterheads. And in terms of paper quality, we make sure you get the best. We have available for you our 100gsm offset paper stock, or for a super smooth finish choose our 120gsm stock. You can even include ordering blank sheets for the same type of paper to match your letterheads.


Masterprint gives a professional touch to your letterheads at an unbelievably low price for printing. Our custom letterhead printing service can handle your volume orders and still give you that high quality at an affordable price. Imagine sending your perfect letterheads to your customers and still be within your budget; making your order with us, a truly wise investment.


Anyone likes to receive a letter. It tells a person that somebody has made time to mail them a message. If you are mailing to your customer as a marketing strategy, consider mailing them a Masterprint made envelope. We customize your envelope to do more than just deliver your message. We want to make a positive impression to your customers in your behalf.


It would be a futile effort to send your customers business letters in sub standard materials; much more costly for you to send beyond the budget cut materials. Therefore, the right combination of quality and affordability must be taken into serious consideration.


Envelopes must have the proper design and colours aligned with the nature of your business. And elegance with style is what we want to offer. Thus, our envelopes are made from the best quality of paper, and have 20% maximum ink coverage at full colour, with 20mm margin from the edges to keep your text and graphics printed perfectly, but if your designs need more than this, we would be more than happy to quote it for a custom job.


Masterprint provides an envelope printing service that aims nothing less than perfection. We make your envelope ordering as convenient as it is affordable; saving you time and worry of not having the right envelopes for marketing your customers.


The more people understand the facts about your business, the more likely they would become your customer. Booklets aim to actively inform readers with a lot of relevant information of your business, showcasing everything from improving an image down to the least interesting details.


At an affordable price, it is another one of Masterprint’s value added products. All elements of style, quality, durability and service makes ordering a set of soft cover booklets from us an investment that guarantees returns.

Best Wine Label Design, Calligraphy and Custom Lettering on wine Labels

Handing out advertisement to people is one way of improving the traffic for your business. Using flyers of high quality printing from Masterprint, are the right marketing tools for the job. These flyers have colourful designs; or create your own unique design for a custom job. At high traffic locations, these flyers can disseminate your exciting message to a great number of customers. And guarantee significant returns for your business.


Our flyers are produced on 115gsm Gloss all the way up to 170gsm Gloss or Matt. And with free gloss aqueous coating for added elegance and durability, it is a persuasive marketing tool that means to increase awareness for the business. The success rate of which depends on how interesting it’s content is presented to people. Thus, the information printed on these flyers will still be as good as the quality of its prints.


Masterprint provides that affordable flyer printing at excellent quality of prints. As perfection is a constant aim of the company, your flyers when printed are meant to bring your business success and continued patronage from satisfied customers. We ship your large or small sets of orders right up to your doorstep in less than 2 business days depending on the quality of paper you choose. The price for all of these is simply affordable, and truly an added value for your money.


Digital Print



Our pull up banners systems are easy to use and range from an inexpensive short term use banner to a double-sided deluxe banner for an enduring and visually appealing promotion. We also have both UV and Curl Resistant upgrades for situations where either lenthy exposure to sunlight or long term promotions might be necessary.


Vinyl banners can be used outdoor or indoor and are a very flexible and enduring material both UV and water resistant. We print both Hi Res Vinyl at 720dpi which is useful for banners that will be seen from a short distance (under 2 metres) and Standard Res Vinyl printed at 360dpi(most common, industry standard quality). We can print either single-sided ot double-sided. We also have available a 450gsm mesh banner mostly used for construction sites, or for banners where you wish light to filter through. Our finishing options include: Welded ropes & eyelets; Welded edges & eyelets; Welded or sewn pockets; Welded kedar rope; Truck webbing; Wind-holes; Tuff-coating; and sewn in Velcro.


High quality – Vibrant colours + great detail achieved from Direct Dye Sublimation Printing.

Differentiation – In the world of signage, it’s all about getting the viewers’ attention. If the other signs are paper or vinyl, a fabric sign will stand out.


Upscale perception – Fabric creates a more sophisticated look, especially for certain advertisers, such as cosmetics companies, department stores, museums, councils and event organisers.

Reduced costs – Fabric is lightweight and flexible. It costs less to ship (from print shop to customer and from customer to where it will be displayed) and can be folded without damage.

No glare off of the substance – Enhances pure, rich colours when the fabric is lit from the front.



Tactile appeal – People interact with fabric and love to touch the displays; so they experience both the visual and the sensual impact of the promotional image. Ease of use – Quick to set up and easy to transport between venues.

Practical to use: – Washable – Water resistant fabric available – UV resistant for short term.



Our range of poster material is outstanding giving you the options you need, outdoor or indoor – laminated, curl-resistant, UV resistant and double-sided. We offer various hanging options as well – snap poster frame, snap banner hanger, suction cups and hooks, pockets for rods, eyelets and punched holes.


Available printing in 115gsm gloss to 210gsm matt, we print posters in high quality printing paper. Besides our quality of materials, our service is unmatched with our online poster printing service. In any volume order, we give assurance that we can deliver as scheduled. This is part of our commitment of providing total customer satisfaction experience by showing our excellent service.


More importantly, our product and services gives a great deal for a client’s money. When it comes down to the success of their business, they can depend on Masterprint to be part of that success. We only give the best, because we want their business to succeed. It would be an accomplishment on our part to see that business grow with the help of our posters.


Digitally printing on to self-adhesive vinyl stickers gives you great flexibility for your promotions. From a general application white-based SAV monomeric sticker that can do just about any job to options such as – transulcent stickers, wall stickers, floor stickers, microhole stickers, repositional static cling material, all kinds of window stickers and finally vehicle stickers which can flow with the shape of the vehicle. We advise that you emply a professional installer with all stickers (except for the static cling which is designed for you to use with ease).

Window Stickers
Micro-Hole Stickers
Translucent Stickers
X Frame

X-frames are an inexpensive solution to short-term indoor promotions. You can choose from the “Disposable frame” which is printed at 320dpi, or the “Premium frame” which is printed at 720dpi and has a more substantial X Frame mechanism. Another solution in the non-retractable banner range is the L-Banner which is suitable for short-medium term indoor promotions.

A Frame

The traditional A-Frame sign-system has been used as street signage for generations. The Steel A-Frame is recommended for permanent signs in windy areas, while the corflute A-Frame is less able to withstand high-wind but has the advantage of being able to re-skined easily. The Snap A-Frame is the most flexible solution as you can change the poster which sits behind the perspex with ease.


An inkjet proof on a satin finish paper, color calibrated to match our five-color press. It will match the color on the press with the paper color of the printed job being the only variable.






Celloglazing or single sided thermal lamination offers many of the benefits associated with the coating process – it protects stock against scratching and scuffing, and its high visual luster adds significantly to a product’s value.


We specialize in all sizes book printing including PUR book binding and magazine perfect binding.

We provide different book binding finishing options, PUR book binding, perfect book binding, saddle stitched, loop stitched, Comb Plastic binding, wire binding or a notch bound finish.

BQ-280 PUR Binder

PUR (polyurethane) glue is the most durable binding glue available, offering design flexibility for any number of applications, including brochures, catalogues, instruction manuals and art books.

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